View the World from One World Observatory

Tourists shouldn’t have all the fun! From the Met to Times Square to Rockefeller Center, there are so many iconic spots in New York that locals might try to avoid, but in actuality they can still be magical to see when you put your cynicism aside.

While the crowds at touristy spots can be a little ridiculous and the prices can be sky high, most of Manhattan is like that anyway, so why close yourself off to these experiences just because Frommer’s also happens to recommend them?

With that attitude in mind, New Yorkers should not miss out on the most amazing views in the city, which you can get at the observatory at the top of the World Trade Center

One World Observatory Midtown view
View looking North into Midtown

From the bedrock you can see as you walk in, to the elevator up over 100 stories, to the little intro video they play as you reach the top, visiting the World Trade Center is an awesome experience even before you enter the 360-degree observatory.

Once you do get to the top, you can spend as long as you want taking a million photos and staring out across landmarks throughout Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs.

One World Observatory bridges and Brooklyn view
View looking across the East River into Brooklyn

You can even see far into New Jersey if you’re into that sort of thing.

One World Observatory view looking across the Hudson River into New Jersey
View looking across the Hudson River into NJ

And if you have a good eye, you might even be able to see your apartment building, which is cool cause then you can feel even more superior to the tourists all around you.

The only downside is that the building constructors rudely did not use anti-reflective glass for the observatory windows, so you’ll have to find the right spots to not have too much glare in your pics. But with some patience, you can make your way into pretty much any spot in the observatory and get the perfect backdrop for what’s sure to be one of your top Instagram pics. And that’s what it’s really all about, right? 


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