The L Train Might Go Out of Service, But the Subway is Still A-OK

As Gothamist reported, the L train might be going out of service between Brooklyn and Manhattan for three years starting in late 2017. That would suck. For Brooklynites. But it’s kinda the best thing that ever happened to the East Village. Just saying.

While setbacks like this happen, and sometimes the addition of a subway line takes almost 100 years, the MTA isn’t all bad. It runs 24 hours a day in theory, many of the stations are courteous enough to maintain the minimum amount of oxygen to survive, and you’re basically saving the Earth one ride at a time. And by saving the Earth, I mean wiping the stupid grin off Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s face.

So put your L train worries aside and enjoy some cold hard fun facts about the NYC subway.

NYC Subway Infographic

What do you think about the NYC subway? Do you prefer other ways to get around Manhattan? Share your thoughts in the Comments, because your coworkers don’t want to hear anymore about how the 6 train was running with delays.


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