Manhattan Outdoor Movies Madness

Outdoor Movies in New York

With summer coming to a close, you may think your best option is to count down the days huddled around your window A/C that makes scary noises and is a wind gust away from falling out. (I don’t really need to screw the sides into the window frame, right?)

But fear not, there’s still time to get out there and enjoy New York! And since ConEd decided to take half your paycheck these past couple months, it’s refreshing to enjoy Manhattan for free (as long as you don’t think about taxes).

Since you’d probably watch TV all night anyway, struggling to get On-Demand to work, you’re better off sweating outside and watching these free movies around Manhattan, or even though outer boroughs if you insist. Just get ready to fight with a toddler for some lawn space.

Free movies from NYC Parks
Free Central Park Conservancy Film Festival

P.S.: The Metropolitan Opera is providing free outdoor movies on Lincoln Center Plaza. The movies may be a little hoity toity, but there’s some gems for anyone to enjoy, like West Side Story. The film series runs from August 29 through September 7.

Metropolian Opera 2015 Summer HD Festival (even the name is a little unnecessarily fancy)


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