Manhattan Apartment Living in Your 20s

Option 1: Rent a small apartment on the fifth floor of a walk-up with a few friends.

Temporary bedroom in a Manhattan Apartment

Since you can’t afford enough bedrooms in Manhattan, turn the living room into another sleeping space. If your landlord doesn’t let you build a wall, stick it to the man by putting up voting booth style curtains. Democracy!

Dining nook in a Manhattan Apartment

Make the most of your apartment’s living space by fitting furniture into any nook you can find. Then make it unusable as a dinner table by constantly piling mail up on it.

Dishwasher in a Manhattan Apartment

Don’t settle on an apartment until you find one with a dishwasher. They do exist in New York! But make sure you open it before signing the lease. This one here smashes into the fridge. Oldest trick in the realtor’s book!

Bedroom in a Manhattan Apartment

Lastly, get a bed frame from Ikea with four drawers to save space. The drawers will start to break, but luckily, the only one you can actually access happens to be the only one that works. Take that Ikea!

Option 2: Have your parents subsidize your rent in one of Manhattan’s many luxury buildings. Throw a housewarming party with wine and cheese from Trader Joe’s. Joke about how adult you are.


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