Loopy Doopy Ups the Rooftop Bar Scene

Given that Manhattan happy hour deals are often more expensive than normal prices in another city, it’s pretty clear that New York bars are expensive. But there’s multiple levels of expensive in New York, and rooftop bars elevate you toward that upper level, pun intended.

While many Manhattan rooftop bars charge obscene prices and can be ultra sceney, Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar, located in the beautiful Conrad Hotel by the World Trade Center, manages to do both while still being extremely enjoyable.

Usually this would be the type of place that That’s So Manhattan considers to be so Manhattan in a pejorative way, but on the whole, Loopy Doopy manages to be so Manhattan and so awesome.

First, their signature drinks are way more fun than what you’d find at most bars. You get to pick your flavor of alcoholic popsicle made by People’s Pops, like the Pick-Me-Up Pear which has absinthe, Asian pear and sage. Then, the popsicle is placed into a glass of Prosecco or Rosécco. I didn’t even know Rosécco was a thing before going there, so it’s educational too. These popsicle drinks cost $22 when served in Prosecco and $25 with Rosécco, so plan on eating cheap pizza later.

Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar Popsicle Drink

Next, Loopy Doopy has an incredible view. It’s only on the 16th floor, pretty small, and you’re most looking at Jersey City, so it’s not necessarily as impressive as rooftop bars like 230 Fifth. Yet its views of the Hudson River make it a much more relaxing scene, and the part of Jersey City it overlooks is way nicer than you’d assume. Plus, if you look closely on one side, you can see the Statue of Liberty.

Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar view of Statue of Liberty
Squint hard and you can see the Statue of Liberty in the distance.

Now here’s where things get tricky. You have the popsicle drink and you have the great view, so naturally you want to take a pic of both. And this isn’t a quick pic either; you’re going to want to set up the perfect pic that captures the drink and the view at the same time, while also making sure your hand holding the glass isn’t messing up the shot. Plus, it’s hard to get both the drink and the skyline perfectly in focus, so you might have to compromise a little. Problem is, the popsicle starts to melt quickly, so don’t expect to sit down and relax once you get your drink. Get your perfect pic, and then enjoy your half-melted concoction. As long as you leave the popsicle in the glass though, it doesn’t really matter that it melts, because it will just add flavor and a little more booze to your Prosecco or Rosécco.

Loopy Doopy popsicle
Take your pic of the drink before the popsicle melts and the glass gets cloudy.

Loopy Doopy also gets quite crowded, and it’s only open during nice weather from around April to November. It’s also only open til 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday and midnight on other nights.

With all these caveats, it would seem that Loopy Doopy is just another overhyped, overpriced Manhattan bar, but if you get there early during the day and get a seat, it’s actually an extremely pleasant way to spend an afternoon. It’s not going to be a weekly spot for most people, but if you have friends in town that you want to show off to or just want a fun mini-adventure, it’s worth it to spring for a drink there every now and then, and then you can go get a little loopier somewhere else.


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