The Great Doughbate

The Dough vs. Doughnut Plant Showdown

For classic, fluffy doughnuts that give you an excuse to consume copious amounts of sugar for breakfast, go with Dough. For more flavor variety and the option for cake-based doughnuts that will give you sensory overload, go with Doughnut Plant.

Doughnuts from Dough
Delectable Dough doughnuts

The most remarkable thing about New York isn’t the Empire State Building or Central Park or even how a certain mayor survived the greatest political scandal in history. No, the most remarkable thing is how every New Yorker isn’t a complete fatso, considering the absurd amount of ridiculously good food all around the city. What’s that Cleveland? You have a great ice cream place? Well New York has like 12, and they’re all better. Hey LA, think you have a pretty sweet deli? New York will drown you in pastrami. I’ve seen it happen.

New York food is so delicious and gluttonous that it would only make sense if they started converting the sidewalks into those escalator-like walkways you see in the airports. Yet maybe because of those avenues that rudely make us walk on them, New York somehow made it as the 19th fittest place out of the 50 most populous U.S. cities. Sure that might be skewed by all those bike-peddling Brooklyn hipsters, but just looking around, Manhattan seems like its pulling its weight. (ha! weight! puns are fun.)

Speaking of Brooklyn, the borough was kind enough to grace Manhattan with a wonderful doughnut shop, Dough, which, after starting in Bed-Stuy, opened a second location in Flatiron in October 2014.

But as I was getting at earlier, New York has multiples of nearly every awesome food, and Doughnut Plant, which started in the Lower East Side, is one of those awesome places. In 2005, a doughnut there cost $1.50. Today it costs between $3.25-3.75. Forget real estate, doughnuts are on the rise. (ha! yeast jokes!)

doughnuts from Dough and Doughnut Plant in New York
Outer three from Dough, inner three from Doughnut Plant

So recently I decided to pit Dough and Doughnut Plant against each other, as Dough is quite close to Doughnut Plant’s Chelsea shop. Dough (the three larger ones on the outside ring of the picture) had quite fluffy, dare I say dough-y, tasty treats, though the pumpkin one (pictured on the right) tasted like raw pumpkin. I’m trying to be basic here, give me sugar in my pumpkin-flavored everything! But aside from the pumpkin and their hibiscus doughnut, since I’m usually not in the mood to eat flowers, their flavors tend to hit home runs, like their café au lait doughnut, which makes me reconsider why I drink coffee black.

Doughnut Plant, on the other hand, only had its cake-based doughnuts for sale at that time of day (as opposed to its yeast ones), including the delicious carrot cake (pictured left center). It counts as a vegetable, and not the raw pumpkin kind. The tres leches varitey (pictured right center) is so good it makes me want to learn Spanish.

While I’m normally impressed by Doughnut Plant’s variety of offerings, I’ve found that they’re not as well stocked later in the day. In the end, Dough had the better doughnuts that night, but I went into it thinking that Doughnut Plant was better, and I’m sticking to it, because I don’t like being wrong and I’m giving them a pass for not having more flavors available.

Update: The Doughnut Project, which opened in October 2015, gives both Dough and Doughnut Plant a serious run for their money.

Which side of the Dough vs. Doughnut Plant debate do you land on? Or do you think other shops like The Doughnut Project take the cake? Leave a comment with your thoughts on what you think is the best doughnut shop in New York.



4 thoughts on “The Great Doughbate

  1. Jeff Reply

    Oh my GOD I love doughnut plant one of my all time favorites. I totally agree with you plus that have such great choices. Nothing like a great doughnut and coffee for a brunch in Manhattan.

    • thatssomanhattan Post authorReply

      Glad you agree! Throw some French Toast into that brunch and then we’re really talking!

  2. Kia Reply

    Doughnut Plant does an autmn pumpkin donut with delicious fall spices. They’ve been doing it for awhile-I think they were the first.

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