Close Out Summer With a Day Trip to Coney Island

With summer winding down, you’re probably hankering to get to the beach at least one more time. But you don’t need to sit in traffic and then drop a fortune to party in the Hamptons, or rent a car and fist pump your way down the Jersey Shore.

Instead, New Yorkers can have a little getaway within the city limits by simply swiping a Metrocard and taking the subway down to Coney Island.

The neighborhood is a far cry from the West Village or Williamsburg or probably wherever else you might be coming from. It’s hard to believe you’re still in New York City when you see roller coasters, a huge boardwalk and a legit beach, and there’s plenty to do to make a full day out of the trip.

Follow along the map below, as we explore some of the top attractions for a day trip to Coney Island. But there’s even more than what we could reasonably include here, so feel free to share your favorites in the comments!

Special thanks to @samiboden and @onequarterdead for contributing pictures.


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