Batter & Cream whoopie pies

Whoopie! Batter & Cream Makes New York’s Dessert Scene Sweeter

Most people have dreamed at some point about walking out on their jobs and following their passion. Liz Fife had the first part down. But after quitting her job as an investment banker, starting a whoopie pie business at just 25 years old with virtually no baking experience wasn’t exactly an expected outcome.

A Guide to New York Coffee

Infographic: A Guide to New York Coffee

New Yorkers feel a lot of pressure to help New York live up to the moniker of the city that never sleeps, so coffee is a necessary antidote. But the overwhelming amount of coffee choices can make the caffeine scene more confusing to navigate than the streets in the West Village.

H&H Bagels

Bagel Battle

Forget the club scene. The bagel scene is what really matters in life, and no other city rivals New York when it comes to this delicacy. But with great bagels comes great responsibility.


The Great Doughbate

For classic, fluffy doughnuts that give you an excuse to consume copious amounts of sugar for breakfast, go with Dough. For more flavor variety and the option for cake-based doughnuts that will give you sensory overload, go with Doughnut Plant.